Frequently asked questions

System requirements

  • 4Flu is written in JAVA. It runs on Windows, Macintosh OS X, and on Linux.
  • Java version 1.7 or newer must be installed.

Questions and answers

  • Q:The simulation starts, but it gets stuck before reaching 100%.
    A:This may be a problem of allocating enough memory for the simulation. Please make sure to allow Java to allocate enough memory.

  • Q:How can I get simulation runs with different results?
    A:Set the parameter "Initial random number" to a different value. For "0", you get a different result whenever you press on "Run". It is recommended to use a different value than "0"; for each value, you get a new simulation run, but the run can be reproduced if you use this value again (e.g. if you later want to reproduce a result for a given parameter constellation).

  • Q:How can I export the numerical values of the results shown in the tables?
    A:Mark the lines you wish to extract (or press "CTRL a" to mark all) and then use the copy-paste mechanism (e.g. copying with "CTRL c" and pasting with "CTRL v") to copy the results to a spreadsheet or data file.

  • Q:How can I obtain many different simulation runs?
    A:The tool 4Flu is an interactive tool which has been designed to be used for exploratory analyses. It cannot be used to automatically run hundreds or thousands of simulation (that would take too much time to make sense for an interactive tool). If you need many simulation repeats, you may request assistance.